See The Dog In His Bed? Well, You’re About To See What He Does Every Night. LOL!


Dogs are not all that different from humans, especially when it comes to their daily routine. We all have our quirks and foibles that make us unique and when it comes to Luke the dog, we can honestly say that we have never seen anything quite like this before. His bedtime routine just might be one of the most hilarious things ever and those of us who usually nod off on the couch in front of the television set can certainly relate.

What does Luke do when it is time for bed? Much like some of us, the television set serves as his barometer for when it is time to go to sleep. Once the set is turned off by his masters, Luke scrambles to get to bed as fast as his little legs will carry him. We are not quite sure how they’ve managed to train him to do this, but those who own unruly pets who hate to go to bed are looking on with great envy.
It is not all that dissimilar to what used to happen to many of us, back when television used to go off on its own every night. Remember when we didn’t have access to a billion channels and essentially unlimited entertainment and we actually had to go to sleep once the main broadcast networks decided that they were done running shows for the day?

For Luke, heading to bed is easy, because the decision has already been made for him. He does not have to wonder about what else is coming on later and he will never get sucked into a cheesy movie and end up staying awake all night long. While the pup may not feel this way now, one day he is going to realize that his family is doing him a major favor.

They are ensuring that he gets a good night’s sleep on an everyday basis and for that, they deserve some kudos. If you’d like to see the full montage of Luke the dog repeatedly running to get into bed, then be sure to watch the full clip and try your best not to split a gut laughing yourself silly.
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