Scientists Now Discovered The Real Reason Your Dog Does This, And You Need To Know It.


I know that when we communicate with your dogs, they have all different kinds of physical reactions. They might bark at you, see you right in the eyes, or tilt their heads. Up until now I have always thought that when dogs tilt their heads, it happens because they want to be cute, and make us fall even more in love with them. I bet we have all thought of that throughout all this time. Well actually it turns out that it is a more realistic interesting reason why dogs tilt their heads.


In general the head tilt has to do with your dogs personality, and the way he or she has to process the world around them. 


First of all dogs tilt their heads in order to understand better out facial features. Apparently it is difficult for them to perceive our facial features if they don’t tilt their heads. 


Shorter or smaller dogs with short muzzles find their full view blocked by their noses. So they have to find a convenient way, in order to process the outside world, in a more understandable way! 


Since dogs don’t know all the words you speak, they struggle to “read your mouth.” They have to find a way to be able to understand what you are trying to communicate right? 


To sum up; if your dogs find it difficult to understand what is actually happening around them, they just tilt their head accordingly. It allows them to adjust easier to this world, it makes the understanding process a little bit easier, and  to be a lot more adorable than what they are actually in the daily basis. Do you think that this is an interesting information to share with your dog-owners friends? Then what are you wiring for to share this? I hope you guys enjoyed this little important piece of information!


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