Scared Dog Hugs Smaller Dogs After Their Rescue By Nuns


When it comes to showing care and love, animals are the last to come to mind. We often view them as creatures that abandoned their young immediately they can fend for themselves. However, we have been proven wrong time and again by different displays of affection and care by animals. Dogs are the first on the list. They have been seen in unusual friendships which have gone viral on social media and warmed hearts.


Just recently, we read a story about a nice family who adopted another dog that their dog made friends with while he was still missing and living on the streets. The act was applauded by everyone who came across the story. They were also astounded by the action of the little dogs and how they developed a close bond and look out for each other while they were still living on the streets. The action of the animals goes to show how these pets value friendships like humans.


Recently, it was reported that two other dogs have shown what true friendship really is by their unique friendship. Two abandoned puppies were rescued in Beijing, China and some photos of the older pup hugging, the younger pup to keep him safe went viral online. Several photos showed the cute brown dog carefully holding the neck of the smaller one in a bid to keep him safe. The smaller one also felt safe with his good friend and relaxed while he held him.

The pups were discovered roaming around an area somewhere in Beijing, China. Luckily, both dogs were taken in after the rescue by some Buddhist nuns.


At the time the adorable photos of the pup hugging the smaller pup surfaced online, people were instantly smitten with them. According to a post by the Shanghaiist, the public was saddened about the abandonment of the creatures in a very terrible manner on the streets. They commented on the viral posts with anger and disgust for the perpetrators of the wicked act.


Fortunately, the dogs are in safe hands now. Currently, there aren’t any details about which exact temple the dogs are in now. No current update has been released about the adorable puppies. However, we are so glad and grateful that the pups were saved from the streets, and they will stand a better chance of growing up healthy and happy.

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