She’s Ready for Nap Time, But She Won’t Sleep Until Mommy Gives Her THIS!


The experience of seemingly endless, sleepless nights is not new to many dog owners whose pups find it difficult to settle at night. In fact, some could even whine all day long while others can bark you into insomnia. After considering any adjustments or medical conditions that may be affecting the dog, most vet doctors will recommend that a good sleep environment be provided with an established routine as the best way to prove you and your dog with some sleep.


However, there are some sleepless puppies that will still find it hard to sleep even when a good sleep environment is created for them on a nice warm blank. Researchers say for such pups, an acoustic approach should be provided such as making use of a white noise machine, or trying to play the radio softly as this could also make them sleep.

How about pacifiers?

No one provides a better explanation about using pacifiers to sleep than the dog shown here. Her name is Princess Lesia, she is a beautiful boxer babe that would not sleep until a pacifier is put into her mouth. But who taught her how to use a pacifier? She must have learned it from the baby in the home because pets and children are known to adore each other greatly.

Usually, kids and pets make a great combination. To this end, dogs often find it difficult to take their eyes off pacifiers and bottle nipples. Most times, they see them as appetizers and so they will always want to have them. But Princess Lesia does not consider a pacifier that way.

To her, it is a sleep inducer. Whenever she feels it is time to sleep she would long to have her pacifier in her mouth so she can suck it to sleep. When the pacifier first popped into the camera towards the staring dog, it was as if a wrong toy has been introduced. But from the way she eagerly grabbed it and began sucking it, that was when it became obvious that they were both connected.

But the most interesting part is that unlike other dogs, Lesia did not play with the pacifier instead she used it to work herself to sleep, sucking it like a little jowly baby.

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