A Rare Display Of Compassion And Benevolence That Should Be Emulated


Life will be a much better place if people look for opportunities to help one another. Indeed, nobody is an island. As rich as you are, you will definitely need someone’s help at some point in your life.


Nicole, a resident of Apple Valley, Minnesota, was on her way to work one day and she realized she was running out of gas. She stopped to refill at a gas station. While she was about to refill she realized that the man in the car next to hers was sobbing.


She could have decided to mind her business, ignored him and left. But out of compassion, she went to him and asked why he was sobbing. She saw that the man was putting on an old pair of flip flops with torn socks. Imagine putting on ordinary flip flops without well insulated socks in the snow. This should give you an idea of what that family had gone through.


He explained to her that he could not provide for his family. Without any hesitation, Nicole paid for his gas. At this point, his wife came out of the car to find out what was going on. Nicole realized that she was putting on torn and dirty pair of jeans. She looked inside the car and saw his two daughters also weeping.


Life must have been very difficult for the four of them. Nothing kills joy faster than penury. When you are in a similar situation, feeding also becomes a big problem. Even when you manage to get some food, you don’t know when another meal will come and if it will come at all. This thought will kill your appetite. The family may have gotten stranded in the gas station because they ran out of gas and could not afford to buy more.


When Nicole saw the woman’s condition, she remembered she had some clothes in her car that she was about to give away. She told them to come and pick what they wanted. While this was going on, a crowd had gathered around Nicole’s car. They were obviously touched by the family’s situation. There and then, someone gave them a gift card for food while another person gave them his jacket.


It was an emotional moment. You can imagine how happy they would be with those gifts. The benevolence displayed by Nicole should be emulated and she should be celebrated. You should not just see and share the pictures, you should also begin to look for opportunities to help others as the world will be a better place if everybody is like Nicole. Remember, what goes around comes around and no condition is permanent.


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