Purple Kitten’s New Friend Picks Up His Color From So Much Snuggling


This is a story about a tiny kitten named Smurf. As you can see, poor Smurf has had a rough go of things. He was dyed purple by his cruel former owners and it is believed that he was being used as a living chew toy.

Luckily for him, he has found himself a brand new best friend to pal around with. They are now sharing a life together and they each have a very long road to recovery.


Smurf was recently taken in by the Nine Lives Foundation, a California that offers assistance to felines who have experienced abuse and neglect. This same group that was responsible for the rescue of Smurf is also responsible for saving his new best buddy, Wanda.

Wanda had severe injuries and when she was found, she was shivering next to a trash can. Her left eye was smashed and her right eye was in the throes of a severe infection, leaving her blind. But the night is always darkest before the dawn and during this turbulent period, she found a friend in Smurf.

According to the Nine Lives Foundation, these animals were placed in a cage together and became instant buddies. Now, they are essentially inseparable and their rough pasts have allowed them to develop a very unique bond with one another.

In their first few days, the adorable pair have made major strides. Their rescuers have provided expert care and the friendship that they have provided each other has also been credited for rapidly improving their condition.

Their snuggling has been nonstop and they spend so much time together, Smurf is literally rubbing off on Wanda. She is now picking up some of his dye. What began as a sign of cruelty and neglect has now become a symbol for amazing friendship.

Wanda and Smurf still have a long way to go before they are truly well again, but they are definitely off to a great start. Those who are responsible for their care believe that they are going to be adopted together when the time comes.

The Nine Lives Foundation is dependent on the kindness of the general public to provide the necessary assistance to their animals who are in need. Perhaps you would like to make a donation, to help their cause? Follow the Nine Lives Foundation Facebook page to receive updates on Smurf and Wanda and be sure to pass this story along to your friends and family.

There’s still no telling when Smurf and Wanda will be well enough to be adopted out to a loving home, but those caring for them say that when that day comesĀ they’ll be adopted together.

The Nine Lives Foundation relies on the public’s help to save the lives of animals, so consider making a donation to their cause. You can also keep updated on Smurf and Wanda’s progress by following the Nine Lives Foundation’s Facebook page.

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