The Puppy Was Scared When They Opened His Cage. Little Did He Know It’s His Lucky Day…


If you need some inspiration, take a look at this puppy. He is one of the millions of unwanted animals who end up at animal control. Think of the change though. Most likely at home he was ignored but for a bowl of food a day and water. No love. No affection. No care beyond basic needs. After realizing they couldn’t care for him, he was dropped off at animal control. Animal Control is loud and crowded. For a small puppy with little experience in the world, it must be overwhelming to say the least!


The lack of interaction he suffered at his young age was evident. Anyone who has been around puppies know they are a flurry of energy and excitement whenever they see a human. Not this puppy though. He sat in his allotted space at the shelter barely making eye contact with people who came in to care for him and with potential owners. The shelter workers were worried. Would he ever warm up?

Finally, a family was drawn in by his cuteness. They decided to take a chance with this little guy. In this video you can see how fearful, but inquisitive, he was. He was being coaxed to come meet his new family but still scared. The fear in his little puppy eyes is difficult to stomach.

Though fear was obvious, it only took a few nudges to see the puppy coming around. Just the edge of his tail started to shake. Was that a wag? Not sure. But it was a sign that he was being receptive to his new owner’s encouragement.

A gentle hand is put into his cage and he lays down—still fearfully—to see what is in store. The hand gently scratches his little head. He obviously likes it but stays laying prostrate on the cage floor. This time it is obvious a small tail wag comes to life.

The great thing about animals is that they are resilient. This puppy obviously did not get what he needed in terms of socialization or emotional care. But still- he was open. He never wrote people off. The underlying emotions behind his initial fear was still curiosity and a desperation to trust humans.

Next dog leaving with me.Sweet boy…Extremely fearful, but honestly you can’t blame him. From a home to animal control. I really wish people would think things thru when getting a pet.Pets are for Life…Not just something to play with for awhile.This is one of the lucky ones, leaving animal control with me.#everylifematters #petsareforlife #dontdumpyourpet #aplacetobark

Posted by A Place To Bark on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tune into this video to see this little pup struggle with his emotions. The good news is that now, a few weeks later, he is a normal puppy. Running, jumping, playing and trusting his new human family for the love he needs!

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