This Puppy Has Deformed Legs, But That Won’t Stop Him From Doing THIS!


There are always lessons to learn from dogs no matter the kind of dog it is. One of the most influential kinds of dogs are those with disabilities, even as these hardships in life are not easily forgotten.

Disabled pets especially pups, go through everyday endeavors with determination and strength which many creatures (even humans) are bowled over by. You might be wondering how these pups were able to pull through challenges and were able to blend in life with disability.

Dogs with disabilities learn so much throughout their lives. These are life lessons that even able-bodied dogs can really experience. One of such dogs is Duke.

He is an adorable little puppy whose front legs are severely deformed. But do you know that even in these seemingly uncomfortable limitations, the loving pup does not even feel ashamed because he does not know he is different.

Well, whether he knows he is different or not that does not really matter, what actually matters is how he has decided to live with his deformity which he has refused to get in his way to hinder him from having fun or being playful. Duke is not up to 6 months he is just two months old but he plays as if he was older.

Naturally speaking, it is definitely difficult to live with disability nevertheless it is one of the richest situations any living thing can ever experience. It presents deep learning experiences that impact directly on the disabled as there are some special tokens of wisdom that can be passed along. Baby Duke has not only learnt to live with his disability, he has become wise and well experienced in handling matters or situations that may want to be challenging.

The puppy dog who is currently having some nice time in the care of a Boca Raton-based organization in Florida – Little Paws of Love Rescue – has no doubts chosen to live a happy life than worry his poor heart over matters of lesser importance. While the organization is ensuring that Duke receives all the attention he deserves, as well as the care needed to improve the condition of his legs, the little pup is busy enjoying all the love and care his friends and loved ones are presenting to him.

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