How To Peel A Potato With Your Hands In Seconds – This is GENIUS!


This video can save you a lot of time and money and is so simple to do. Can you believe it only takes seconds to peel using only your hands. The man in the video shows you how. Watch as he uses just cold water and his hands to pull this off. The potato stays hot even after peeling. Another time saving tip from life hack. This technique will save you from a lot of extra work and hassle. You won’t need any special tools just some ice water and rubber gloves. Watch how easy the potato skins come off. Watch this video and in three seconds your potato is peeled. Not a lot of dirty clean up work to do afterwards just a nice clean potato .

Everybody uses potatoes and this peeling technique is easy to learn. The skins come right off like magic. Skinning potatoes is very time consuming. Watch this to save time peeling and use your time for something more valuable. Just boil your potatoes and watch the skins slip right of with this ice water technique. Whatever way you enjoy your spuds you can enjoy them faster with this simple technique. Think how fast you can enjoy mashed potatoes! One of the most delicious foods known to man can now be prepared quicker. You are not going to believe how simple this is. Just watch this fifty second video and you will be on your way.

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You don’t need any special tools except for your hands! This amazing video makes it a snap to peel your spuds. Peeling potatoes is not fun so use this technique and make your life a lot easier. Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods around and now you can remove the skins in seconds. All it takes is five to ten seconds in ice water and the skin slides right off. Watch as the skins slide off like magic. Now you don’t have to spend so much time on just preparation. You don’t have to do the same old things over and over. There are new ways of doing things. Life hack has this great little instructional video to help you get started. Why not give it a try it’s free.

Everybody could use some more time and this saves you minutes of tedious work. Why not do it the smart way. This simple video can help you enjoy your spuds much quicker. You will be smiling and laughing when you see how easy it can be. Just a little know how. Remember peeling potatoes when you were younger. No longer do you have to use that dreaded potato peeler. This is another great life hack idea. Watch this and see how the potato skins come right off. If you have a life hack idea please let us know.

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