Poor Dog With Severe Wounds On Her Face And Neck…Gets Rescued


This story is about a dog named Trudy, who was in desperate need of help. Partners 4 Pets received a call about her, after neighbors noticed the dog in a Venice, Ohio yard. When she was located, her face and neck were covered in wounds. Her rescuers also had reason to believe that her muzzle had been purposely taped shut. Who would do such a thing to an innocent little dog?

These are telltale signs that Trudy was being used as a bait dog for local dog fighters. Dog fighting rings are a national phenomenon, one that needs to be brought into the light. Trudy’s neck and face were covered in wounds as a result of her involvement in the alleged ring and this evidence is not easy to see.

Trudy was understandably in shock when she was found by Partners 4 Pets. The wounds had become infected and if she did not receive immediate help, she was in serious danger. Luckily for her, she was taken to the Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital, where she was able to receive the treatment that she so desperately needed to survive.

The time that she spent there helped to speed up her recovery and when she woke up from her surgical procedure, she was even able to eat food for the first time in ages. Be sure to take a look at this photo:


Watching this poor pooch get rescued from these adverse conditions is the truest definition of a Christmas miracle. No animal should ever be forced to live in such horrible conditions, and thanks to the good people at Partners 4 Pets, Trudy will be able to enjoy a pain free existence for the first time.

It’s truly a Christmas miracle that this poor pooch pulled through from such horrible conditions. Share this rescue story with your friends too.

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