Policeman Comforts Beloved Horse In Her Final Moments…


Many humans have indescribable affair with horses just as much as others have got with dogs. Many people have found them (horses) to be quite different and very fascinating. They are seen as simply magnificent, handsome looking creatures as well as beautifully bred animals that have got lots of character and attitude. Charlotte, the Police horse was one of such horse.


Whether dogs or horses, the role, duty and job of a police animal are often characterized with untold difficulty, danger and hardship, yet they still find it to be honorable in all. That is why, it is important to show them the respect that they deserve because they deserve it every bit as much as can be shown to any police officer. Yes, we often feel very sorry, down casted and in most cases, heartbroken whenever any of the guardians of our lives and properties fall in course of action on the field, but our heartfelt contrition can surpass theirs for those four footed defenders.


To this end, Charlotte the Police Horse is in no way out of place as she too deserves the same kind of media attention that are drawn to other officers who have recently fallen in the line of duty. This dedicated horse has been in active service with the Police department for over a period of two years until misfortune struck on this fateful day.


Before the recent tragic fall of the horse, she had served well with Houston Police Officer, Herrejon to whom she was partnered with who. Whenever an animal is partnered with a human (be it a dog or a horse) there is usually a kind of incredible strong bond between the both of them to the extent that it will be difficult for the one to effectively function without the other.


Recently, something unusual happened during one of their usual patrol on the streets of Huston. It happened while the both of them were walking past a cement truck when all of a sudden a loud noise was heard from the truck. Out of panic, Charlotte bucked off Herrejon from off her back and headed into the street with great fright until she was struck down by an uncontrollable vehicle.


On arrival at the scene, Officer Herrejon could not believe his eyes. While he lay down on the tarred road to comfort his dying partner, little did he know that that would be the last moment they were ever going to share together as partners again.

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