Pit Bull Locked For 2 Years In A Cage, Feels Love For The First Time…


If you were to only see a head shot of this gorgeous gray Pit-bull name Landis, you would think he was a perfectly healthy pup. Unfortunately you would be wrong. Landis was abused and for all intents and purposes, tortured by his cruel and heartless owner. How can anyone be so cruel to such a beautiful creature, treating it as if it has no feelings or doesn’t deserve to be loved? Why do people like Landis’ owner even get a pup to begin with? Animals such as Landis rely on their human owners to care for them not abuse them!


The Second Chance Rescue shelter in Georgia found Landis in a cage too small to allow his body to develop and grow as it should. He had been kept prisoner for two years in this tiny cage being unable to even stand on his front paws or raise his head. He was neglected and unloved and his poor body visibly bent due to being forced to live in a dwelling meant for a do the size of a Terrier or Pomeranian.



The cruelty shown to animals by some people is beyond comprehension for those who love these amazing dogs. Pits are actually well known for their loving dispositions and gentleness when raised by owners who treat them with love and respect, as every dog should be treated. Anyone who abuses or neglects animals have obviously possess no soul.


Luckily for Landis, he was rescued from his living nightmare and was given a second chance at not only life but to learn that not all humans are cruel. For what is probably the first time in his life, Landis has been loved and cared for by those who have given him his second chance.


When Landis was first rescued he couldn’t stand straight up on his front paws or lift his head with the pride you typically see in other Pit bulls. His bent and creased spine was visible from under his beautiful gray fur and his legs were smaller than they should be for what was supposed to be the muscular and powerful body healthy dogs his breed typically have.

With no room at all for his body to develop normally it was going to take some time for Landis to be able to do things all healthy normal Pit-bull pups can do. With a ton of love, the best medicine and proper nutrition, combined with a whole lot of free room to roam and grown, Landis can now stand tall and proud with his head held high. One look into his beautiful expressive eyes you can see the gratitude and reciprocated love shine through.


Landis has the most beautifully expressive face, and eyes who cause everyone who has met him to fall instantly in love with him. He’s well on his way to becoming the loving guy he was meant to be! See this adorable Pit-bull pup as he begins his transformation after receiving the love and care from the volunteers of the Second Chance Rescue organization. You too will fall in love with this incredible dog! Please Share this!

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