A Pit Bull Got A Dachshund Pregnant. Wait Until You See Their Puppy… OMG!


Cross breed dogs are some of the most interesting looking animals on the planet and it is fun to play the guessing game of figuring who their parents are. These animals are affectionately known as mutts and their unique appearance often causes people to stop and stare, especially in instances like this one.

When you stop to consider popular cross bred dogs, the last two breeds you would probably think to put together would be the pitbull and the dachshund. These two breeds could not be any more different and the idea of even seeing one of each in the same place is somewhat humorous.
But there are a number of designer cross breeds that have become incredibly popular in their own right. We are starting to see more and more labradoodles and cockapoos during our travels and we were also very interested in checking out this amazing pitbull-dachshund cross.

While anyone with a working knowledge of the birds and the bees can probably take a wild guess as to how this union ended up taking place, some of us simply do not want to know. The more important question: how did this mother manage to get through the birth? These puppies were a lot to handle and observers were worried about her ability to get through the experience.

Mama handled it with flying colors and the result of the aforementioned pairing is baby Rami. He’s unlike any dog that you have ever seen before and he is currently being cared for by the good people at Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society, which is located in the state of Georgia.

Rami is definitely going to need some help with getting used to his body, as his colossal head and slim wiener dog body make it tough for him to get around. Just take a look at this amazing video, so that you can see Rami for yourself!

Rami has yet to be adopted by a family, since he is currently too hyper and will need to be properly trained before finding a forever home to call his own. Luckily, he is being taught the proper doggy manners and it is believed that he’ll have no trouble with finding a family to adopt him.

For now, Rami’s unique appearance has made him something of a star and he does not mind the media attention. Share this amazing story with your friends and family. They won’t be able to believe their eyes!

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