Unbelievable Ping Pong Shot Stuns Opponent . I Couldn’t Believe What I Just Saw…


This short little video just goes to show you that the youngest athlete is not always the best or the smartest. A balding man of at least fifty is paired with a man that looks to be in his middle twenties in a ping pong elimination match. There are a lot of other people playing at the same time in a gym or auditorium.

You can tell from the swagger that the younger man thinks he has this match all wrapped up before it even starts. The younger guy serves and the service is a good one. The ball just barley makes it over the net and the older guy scrambles to return the serve. The older man hits the ball straight up into the air. Everyone, especially the younger player, thinks that the point is over.


The ball hangs in the air for at least a few seconds and miraculously bounces on the table. The younger guy has backed off so far that he does not have a chance to make it to the table to return the ball before it bounces twice. The announcers are stunned, the judge is flabbergasted, the older guy just cannot believe this, but the young guy who is so smug and so sure that he won the point that he is looking behind himself to see where the ball has gone is absolutely stunned.

The younger guy is the funniest part of the short little video. The arrogant little twerp just cannot believe some old guy beat him. The young man is just not capable of accepting that you need to play to win and pay attention no matter who the competition is. The look on the young guy’s face when he hears the ping pong ball bounce on the table while he is star gazing toward the roof in contempt of his opponent is just priceless.

It is very apparent from the dress, setting, and players that all of the ping pong players are amateurs. Obviously, the young guy is a lot more of an amateur in both skill and demeanor than most of the other players. The judge is pretty funny too. The judge is kind of dorky and a little pudgy. You can tell that he is just tickled to death that “Mr. Ping Pong” has just made a fool of himself by being arrogant and vastly overestimating his own abilities at playing ping pong.

The young guy drops his paddle and puts his hands on his hips in disbelief when he loses the shot to the older guy. The shot was luck. There really is no doubt that the older guy did not expect this to happen. The older man just looks at someone off camera is disbelief.

The score of the game before this astounding shot was six to eight. The older guy is losing but now he has a shot at winning. This little video should be mandatory instruction about behavior and sportsmanship for any sport. If you are so sure you are going to win that you walk away from playing then you get surprised.

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