Photogenic Mama Who Rocked Her Maternity Shoot Does It Again With Puppies


These pictures are simply wonderful. They showcase the pride of a new mother. You must have come across Lilica, the mother dog when she was pregnant.

She did a photo shoot with her baby bump and the pictures were all over the internet not too long ago. Now she is a proud mother of five cute adorable puppies. She was said to have delivered her babies just a day after the photo shoot.



This new photo shoot would have been done much earlier but Lilica was weak and it was delayed until she became strong enough. This photo shoot has a total of ten pictures in all. Apart from the fact that all the six of them look gorgeous in all the pictures, each picture has an interesting and befitting caption that makes them even more interesting.

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Out of the ten pictures, four of them are even more adorable and captivating for some reasons. Picture #2 is significance because Lilica was pictured lying down on her back and her babies were playing all over her. This is just the way a mother will lie down on the bed with her babies and play with them. So adorable!

83376-005 83376-006

The eighth picture is also attractive and captivating as the proud mother dog was pictured breastfeeding her five puppies all at the same time. What a great photo shoot. It really captured several wonderful moments.


There is something funny about the ninth picture. Lilica was having really red eyes in the picture! So you will think at first. You will begin to wonder why. But when you now look at the picture more carefully, you will realize that it is the color of her pups’ bed that has reflected in her eyes. You will now heave a sigh of relief.


There is an emotional touch in the tenth picture in the photo shoot. The five puppies were already asleep in the picture but Lilica was not sleeping. She was wide awake looking up to the sky while standing right beside the bed of her babies. This is exactly like a devoted mother watching over her kids. The caption makes it even more emotional. The caption says “I will always watch over you my children”. Lilica seems to be making this solemn promise with her actions.


A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, why not check out the pictures and share them thereafter.


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