PHOTO: I Thought This Was A Normal Overpass, Then We Got Closer. I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong. WOW!


When you first see this photograph, your first instinct, if you are anything like myself, is to simply call it a regular, ordinary highway overpass. It looks like any other highway bridge, especially from afar and most probably see it as just another photo that is circulating online.
These bridges look normal to the untrained eye, however, as a person gets closer to them, they can see the mistake that they have made. This seemingly innocuous highway bridge that is hiding out in the grass and the dirt is so much more. A photo like this is further evidence that you should not judge a book by its cover.
The picture actually looks like a complete aberration, like a Photoshop job and not a natural occurrence. They look like something out of a children’s story book, not a bridge for human beings or cars to travel on, which is why the bridge’s true usage makes total and complete sense. The bridge you see in this photo is not for humans to use, it has been created to help animals.
An animal bridge is a great idea and a win/win for all parties involved. As humans, we enjoy any opportunity to take in new and interesting scenery. For animals, this is a great way to ensure their safety and keep them from crossing roads that motorists are attempting. Avoiding accidents and keeping animals safe is the name of the game.

Almost all of us know a person whose car was struck by an animal who attempted to cross a busy street, without realizing the danger that they put themselves in, as well as motorists. Keeping animals safe, while reducing the potential danger that they pose is great for the environment and great for everyone.

Highways are constantly being built and they not typically constructed in areas where it is safe for animals. Bridges provide safe passage for animals and humans alike and allow both species to coexist in perfect harmony. Every year, drivers are forced to foot the bill for billions in damages that are caused by wayward animals. These bridges aim to slash those expenses and create a safer world for all of us, including our furry friends.
By constructing these bridges, countries are taking on the responsibility of protecting our most precious endangered species. While the idea did not originate in the United States and began in France, the United States has wasted very little time adopting this new trend. With any luck, animal related accidents will begin to sharply decrease and we can start to increase the level of protection for these beautiful creatures.

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