People Couldn’t Stand Seeing This Fox In Pain — And Did The Right Thing


People and wild animals in some communities grow to get used to each other. The people enjoy the animals as long as they cause no harm and the animals come to tolerate if not like their human neighbors.


This video and the accompanying photographs are clear evidence of more than a passing fancy that developed between the residents of Cudahy, Wisconsin and a group of six baby foxes. The people take care of the foxes like the foxes were people. Share this video as an example of how close wild animals and people can get in terms of affection.

One of the baby foxes got caught in a rat trap. The animal’s foot was severely damaged. The video shows that the majority of the residents of Cudahy turned out to help save the little fox’s life and limb.

You have to see the video to get the extent of the outpouring of concern and care that these people had for the fox. The people more than went out of their way. They called expert help in from the Wisconsin Humane Society and secured a humane trap for the fox. You have to keep in mind that this is a wild animal.

It took three days but the fox finally took the bait and was captured in the trap. The residents of the little town were exuberant and resourceful. They delivered the captured fox to the Humane Society’s Rehabilitation Center. One lady from Cudahy is in tears as she expects the little animal to lose its foot.

The video shows the high level of expertise that animal rescue experts have in developing unique solutions to odd animal injuries. The team at the Humane Society developed a special shield from a plastic water bottle and tape to prevent added injury to the broken toes and bones in the little fox’s foot while it recovered. They fooled the fox into taking medicine to prevent infection.

The people of Cudahy were not done with their help for their fox friend. They organized a bake sale to pay for the costs of the treatment and therapy for the fox. The fox is expected to make a full recovery thanks to his human friends.

Share this video as an inspiration. Most animal rescue events involve one or a few people. This one is a whole town that banded together to help an animal that lived with them in a display of truly authentic and amazing love for animals. Call this one unbelievably true.

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