People Are Running To Buy These Tiny IKEA Doll Beds… But Not For The Reason You Think.


When you think of Ikea, likely you think of Swedish furniture that attracts everyone from college students to homeowners. The lines are clean and building is relatively simple. Overall Ikea has something for everyone; whether you’re looking for a few bookshelves or a complete kitchen overhaul, this is the place to visit.


The interesting thing about Ikea though is how well it plays to so many different purposes. The store sells a little doll bed called Duktig. The bed is made for any little girl looking for a place to put her doll to bed. It’s white wood, sturdy and comes with a small pillow and a comforter. Although it has been sold as a doll bed since its introduction, more and more cat lovers are finding a different purpose.


What people recently discovered is that the Duktig is not only a fashionable doll bed, but it is the perfect size for a cat. The flexible use of the bed is making it a best seller among feline lovers. Just looking at its construction, you can see how perfect it is!


The white wooden frame is strong. So if kitty wants to jump onto the bed, it won’t be a problem. The little mattress is actually built to replicate the lushness of a real one. This means kitty will be able to lay on a comfortable and soft surface. It also is material-covered so it keeps heat trapped.


In addition to the mattress, there also is a little pillow. The pillow makes another special place for kitty to rest. It is made with matching pillowcase that is a blue floral material. As an added bonus, it has a pink and white inner-side of the pillowcase to compliment the overall bedding look.

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Finally, there is a little comforter with the same blue floral print. On the reverse side it has the pink and white floral. Put together not only is this the perfect place for a kitty to fit, but it also is comfortable. Everyone knows that cats look for the softest and warmest place to cuddle up and this offers a perfect and affordable solution for cat bed needs.

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If you’re looking for a comfortable and fashionable location for your kitty to sleep, try checking out Ikea’s Duktig $19.99 doll bed. Since gaining popularity the bed has gotten some promotions. It comes in black and natural, like most Ikea furniture does. You can easily match it to your own décor. It also now has bedding to mix and match. You can even stack them for a double kitty bed.



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