A Peacock Shows Up On The Patio, But You’ll Want To See When It Turns Around… Whoa!


Peacocks are gorgeous birds, and much of this has to do with their tail. This white peacock landed on someone’s patio, which is almost unheard of. Lucky for us, the person thought enough to turn on their video camera, and that’s when this happened.

The white peacock turned around and showed off its gorgeous tail. It is completely white, which is not very common. Most of the time, when you think about peacock, you tend to think about very colorful feathers. They are often in blue, green, and plenty of other colors of the spectrum. However, the white makes it look that much more impressive.
A lot of times, peacocks will only show off their tail when they are trying to meet. This means that there is typically going to be another peacock around before they show off. This person was lucky enough to get the full show – and they caught the entire thing on video.

You are going to love watching this video as the peacock walks around, strutting his stuff with its tail feathers up in a complete display. It almost looks as though the bird is a snow angel of sorts because of the impressive white feathers.

It isn’t every day that you get to have a peacock land on your patio, and certainly not every day that it is going to show off in such a way.

The video only goes on for a little over a minute, and is pure beauty. It just goes to show just how impressive certain creatures are in the world – and makes you want to give thanks for being part of the world.

Have you ever seen a peacock in a residential area like this? The peacock is probably one of those that spend time in areas where there are a lot of people because it doesn’t seem to mind that someone is standing there with a video camera. Perhaps, that is the reason why it decided to turn around and show off its tail to begin with – it was hoping to be an Internet sensation. It is already working, too, as it has tens of thousands of views.
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