Owners Would Just Laugh As Their Poor Dog Had Seizures


Shelter dogs have a bad reputation and a whopping 75 percent of households opt against pet adoption. The negative perception of shelter animals plays a major role in this decision, but shelters dogs are not broken creatures, they have wants and needs as well.


The story of this inbred Chiweenie is a heart breaker. Her name is Miss Flans and Miss Flans had a very unfortunate start to her existence. She’s the product of inbreeding and her first family treated her very cruelly.

Miss Flans has a host of genetic abnormalities as a result of the way she was bred and these defects were quite literally treated as a laughing matter by her first family. Her original owners did not know how to handle her medical conditions and would regularly poke fun at her seizures.

They eventually decided that they did not want her anymore and things looked grim for the deaf and mostly blind animal. While she can see out of one eye to a certain extent, the other is essentially useless. Miss Flans is also an albino who is prone to fits of uncontrollable shaking.

She was finally rescued by Tails for Hope and they set about the task of providing her with a new lease on life. After spending her life being subjected to the merciless taunts of the backyard breeders who are responsible for her condition, she was finally given a much needed second chance.

Miss Flans is a special dog and she is the last known survivor from her litter. She was rescued by a woman named Linda, who tried to find her a home by putting pictures online, to no avail.

However, once the staff got to know Miss Flans and experienced her magic, they decided that there was no need for her to go anywhere. She spends her day bringing joy and cheer to all those who are in her midst and her unique breeding has provided her with an equally unique appearance, with a tongue that seems to have a mind of its own.

Miss Flans is a shining example of what can happen when people stop judging a book by its cover and take a leap of faith. To find out more about this incredible, lovable dog’s story, be sure to check out this amazing video and be sure to pass it along to all of your closest friends and family members.

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