Owner Was About To Drown This Puppy Because He Was “Different”


Most at times, it is very needful to be suspicious about ads that promise to offer puppies for free. This is because you will never know what you are going to get until you receive it, especially the condition of the puppy which includes its state of health and other factors. This puppy came into the show through one of such ads for free puppies.


There was a beautiful puppy whose name was Lucy. She was offered up for free on a Facebook post late last year. The post received numerous responses from people who were desiring to have her as a pet. However, the story itself has got nothing to do with Lucy; there was another puppy involved. Together with Lucy, Stuart was also offered up for free but no one was interested in him because he was a little different.


Stuart was not only blind but also had a spinal injury that made him hop in a slight bunny manner whenever he walks. At times, his legs will even give out underneath him. However, this will not stop him from trying to get around because he was resilient and determined to live.


Despite the fact that Stuart was lacking a tail to wag with, the little puppy could not be easily broken for anything because he had a strong spirit. The poor little pup was on the verge of getting drowned by his owner if he wasn’t adopted right on time. A woman by name, Denise Mueller was moved with compassion on the state of the dog and so, she reached out to save the petit white canine.


Although she was not in the right position to adopt the ailing pup, however, she chose to contact a shelter on behalf of the puppy so as to provide him with the care that he deserves until he recovered. Stuart couldn’t be more nervous when Denise returned to pick him up.


It was reported that Stuart was good at running in circles and biting, however, Stuart suddenly turned out to be a completely changed dog after spending just a few hours in his new home. With time, his anxiety lessened and he is now willing to meet new friends and play with new people irrespective of their size.

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Stuart’s transformation has proven how a person can regain strength and courage to go on with life through love and affection.


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