Owner Surrenders Paralyzed Dog To Shelter But Not Before Removing Wheelchair


Dogs are born with special needs and physical disabilities just like people. All this really means is that the owner needs to put some thought and ingenuity into providing for the animal. All dog disabilities have been conquered before and asking for help just make the job easier.


This one picture is possibly the most heart rending and yet triumphant tale of how people sometimes treat disabled dogs. A two-year-old Cocker Spaniel that was born without her hind legs was left at an animal shelter. The people that owned the dog took the dog’s wheelchair with them when they abandoned the dog.

One might be prompted to give the former owners the benefit of the doubt in being unable to provide for the dog but the feces and urine that had dried on the poor little animal’s rump indicate the owners simply did not care. The heartless humans may well have pawned the wheelchair.

This behavior is a form of animal cruelty that hits an all time low. The little dog has enough problems as it is. Taking the wheelchair is a callous and low act that should be considered criminal. The owners at least had the decency to leave the disabled dog at a shelter.

The shelter in Orlando, Florida reports that the dog is doing well, has been cleaned up, and will get a new wheelchair as soon as one can be fitted and made for her. This is how people should behave with a disabled animal.

You need to share this little picture with as many people that love animals as you can. Disabled animals like disabled people are often shuttled to the background and never receive the attention that “normal” dogs get. Disabled animals are fully capable of being companions and giving us all the love and comfort that any other dog can.

This little dog is waiting for a human to adopt her. The dog has special needs but that cute little face and the gleam in her eyes just has to tell you that she will love you until her dying day.


The bit of extra work needed in caring for a disabled animal is more than compensated for by the animal’s love and knowing that you helped an animal that would otherwise live a very painful and short life and suffer a lingering death from starvation. Share this picture with the hope that other people will adopt disabled dogs. Angie is just two-years-old and deserves better than this treatment. When making inquiries, be sure to reference ID#A1690192. The Miami-Dade Animal Services is located at 7401 NW 74 Street in Miami, Florida 33166. Phone: (305).884.1101.

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