No One Wants These Cats And The Reason Why Will Make You Want To Cry


For some reasons yet to be verified, most pet owners hate to associate themselves with black when it comes to cats. There have been stories of how some people have critically beaten the hell out of their cats while others have thrown them out of the window of a speeding car because they are black.

In most cases, experience has shown how sick people could just lose it and turns on animals to express anger and dissatisfaction. The very act of animal abuse is not a seasonal thing. Only sick people lose it and turn on their animal. To this end, black cats are mostly targeted for abuse by most sick people.

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Some other people view black cats as instruments of satanic rituals. Research has recorded a longer length of stay for black cats at shelters. However, this is just merely a myth regardless of the potential adopters’ prejudice and common belief of hatred against these black animals.

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Most shelters have recorded quite a disproportionately high number of black cats on their adoption floor because many kitten adopters are not interested in them. Compared to any other colorful peer, these cats have remained in the shelter for so long.

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However, to a certain extent, the black cat thing may not just be mere superstition but could be more related to the difficulty experienced in capturing the real photographic beauty of a mini-panther. Typically, it is quite difficult to find shelter pictures of animals with great photographic lighting because these photos are mostly being taken by shelter staff and volunteers who are not professionals. To this end, photos of black cats do not usually look good as they end up looking like blobs with bulging eyes or laser eyes.

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One other reason why most potential adopters find it difficult to get along or go on with black cats is because they are hard to be noticed in real life especially if they are taking a nap in a cubby or they happen to be shy. Also, the famous histrionics about not adopting black cats when Halloween is close because of Satan and so on makes many adopters to stay clear.

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It is high time we stop sidelining these animals because of the colour of their fur. If we continue this way, how can we help these ebony beauties find their forever homes.

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