Officers Heard Whimpering In The Distance. When They Followed The Sound… OMG


We all love to hear animal rescue stories especially the happy endings they have. The U.S has a lot of animal abandonment cases. The two most popular pet animals, cats and dogs both suffer the same fate in this regard. It’s estimated that about 70 to 80 million dogs and 74 to 96 million cats are presently owned in the United States. Around 37 to 47% of all the U.S households have a dog, and about 30-37% have a cat. Also, approximately five million to seven million companion animals are taken into animal shelters nationwide annually, so it is virtually impossible to state how many stray cats and dogs live in the U. S. currently, the estimates for just cats range up to 70 million.


Most pets are abandoned due to any permanent or temporary injury. Other pets are thrown out due to space constraints. Luckily, charity organizations do their bit to help these creatures find a better life.

Two police officers were simply delivering a few legal documents to Florida community home where they reside. When they were on their way back to the parking spot of their patrol vehicle, they heard a weird sound that stopped them immediately and ultimately brought two friends together who otherwise would never have met.


Officer James Gettings along with his partner heard a strange sound emanating from a vacant lot just next door. Initially, the sound was faint, but they traced the silent whimpering to its source, and as they drew closer, it became obvious that an animal was stuck somewhere around. When the police officers finally found who was doing all the crying, they were shocked. They found a drenched eight-month-old puppy trapped at the end of a drainage ditch.

They sprang into action immediately, and it did not take the police officers too long to pull the puppy up from the broken sewage pit. However, it took a lot of effort to clean the pup up since he was literally in doo-doo. In fact, they were forced to give the pup several baths and finally, they succeeded.


They made a serious effort to find the pet’s owner and after trying without any luck, the police office, James Gettings decided that he didn’t want to let go of his new friend anyway. He named him Puddles, and the pet loves his new home.


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