Officer Sees Footage Of Man Dumping Dog, 30 Minutes Later Something Wonderful Happens


Somewhere between the line of cruelty and complete ignorance, owners that abuse and neglect their pets rest, making the rest of us wonder how they can have the heart to do such a thing. With animal abuse recently being updated as a class A felony charge, this story hits even closer to home, as the owner barely avoided becoming a wanted felon.


The story goes like this: an all white pit bull was minding his own business in the back of his alleged owners car when somebody in the vehicle opened the back door and pushed him out, forcing him to live on the street on his own will. In fact, the adorable pup was scene chasing after the car, making us believe the dog really believed the people that did this to him loved him.


This information was given to the public because a local caught the exchange on camera, making note of the owner’s license plate number. After handing the video to the authorities, the team did a search of the area they thought the animal would have ended up, and found him a little over a week later.

Although the dog, aptly named Mojave after this exchange, was hungry and cold due to being stuck in the snow for an extended period of time, he was otherwise healthy and showed no sign of life threatening injuries. Mojave was then taken to the local shelter, where he was bathed, fed and put up for adoption.


Shockingly, he lasted in the shelter for thirty minutes before a couple saw him and instantly fell in love, determined to give Mojave the family he deserved.

Although the new owners didn’t know about Mojave’s story, the shelter was able to tell them after they finished up the adoption process, making them aware of the wonderful deed they did. As for the previous owner, if you can even call them that, the authorities were able to trace the license plate number to a man and were ready to charge him with multiple counts of animal endangerment, including not neutering a Pit Bull breed, dumping in an illegal site, neglecting an animal, and a simple but needed charge of animal abuse as well.


After this story, we all want to find our pups and give them a big hug, and be glad they ended up with us, and not someone as cruel as this man.

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