Officer Goes On Routine Call … And Ends Up Falling In Love


This story will surely melt even the hardest heart. It occurred in somewhere in the United States of America, Florida, to be precise. One fateful night, this cute little pup was dumped at the porch of “Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)” building and it was a very cold night.

Whoever did it and the reason the person did it is not known up till now. It is obvious that whoever did it wanted the dog to be found by PAWS because he or she is sure that the pup would receive proper care there. But whoever did it should have called the attention of some of the employees to the dog as he was left in the cold and almost froze to death.

Maybe a stray dog gave birth to him or maybe he got disconnected from his mother and got lost. Well, that does not matter now. What matters now is that the dear little pup did not only escape death but he is also in safe hands where he is sure to get proper care all his life and will never be in the cold ever again

Nothing really happens by chance. Although a lot of people don’t believe in destiny, I do. The little innocent beauty isn’t destined to die. So at the point of almost freezing to death, an officer came to his rescue at the time when it matters most.


This will almost bring tears to your eyes. The officer in question was in the line of his normal duty when he found the pup. And they connected to each other. There was a strong connection between them. This is why I believe what happened has an element of luck and also an element of destiny.

The officer could have just called the attention of PAWS to the dog and leave. But he didn’t do that. His heart melted when he saw the dog. He held out his hands and the little pup jumped into them and curled up in them.


He eventually decided to adopt the puppy in agreement with his girlfriend. The officer had already adopted another dog from PAWS earlier so he is conversant with the process of adoption. He won’t find it difficult. He wants to name the little pup “Kylo”. The story is quite touching and the officer’s act is really worthy of emulation. So, don’t just read and keep it to yourself. Please share it!

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