Nobody Believed Him When He Described His Dog’s Nightly Routine, So He Got A Camera And … WOW!


This video is only about 16 seconds long, and is wonderfully narrated. This dog seems to be spoiled a little bit, especially because he has a dog bed that doesn’t look like the average dog bed. He has his blanket and he gets himself all nestled in so that he can get a good night’s sleep.

If this is how he goes to sleep, we wonder how the rest of his routine goes throughout the day. Is he as spoiled in other areas as he is during his bedtime routine? His owner is lucky that he doesn’t have to tuck the dog in himself – it seems like the dog really has his own routine, and it could take a little bit longer for the owner to get it right and make sure that the dog is tucked in properly.

It’s been shown within the video, though we wonder if there are any kids in the house. He had to look learn praying in front of the bed from someone, right? It certainly is something to ponder – and this is one of those videos that you may watch over and over again because each time, you catch a little bit something extra.

It’s hard to imagine the dog doing anything other than praying when he gets into position at the foot of his bed. He also loves the blanket, and probably can’t sleep without it.

This is one of those videos that you are going to want to share with friends because it’s a feel-good clip that shows you just how human dogs can really be – and how they are amazing to have around.
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