New Bride Surprises Grandmother On Her Wedding Day, Her Reaction Made Me Smile From Ear-To-Ear!


Just look at Grandma Pat’s surprised and joyful face after her loving and devoted granddaughter brings her entire wedding party to the hospital for a special visit! When Grandma Pat fell ill and had to miss her precious granddaughter’s special day, the beautiful bride decided to bring the excitement to her, giving Grandma Pat a hefty dose of love and healing energy. A marriage beginning in such a beautiful way is surely going to stand the test of time!
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Marriage isn’t just about the loving couple becoming partners for life. It’s also about bringing two families together, and this is a perfect example of what marriage could and should be like. It personifies the unselfish and giving nature of the bride and groom, as well as that of their family and friends. This couple will no doubt have the unwavering support of those whose experience in life will inform and enhance their own.

Too often our elderly are shamefully neglected or forgotten, deposited in nursing homes and only occasionally visited out of a sense of duty or guilt. This is not only a shame but also a tremendous loss to our society! Those who have gone before us have a veritable treasure trove of wisdom to offer if only we would stop and listen. In the most successful of families, the elders are revered and given a level of respect and sense of place that we just don’t see often enough these days. We must not forget that our seniors are a vitally important element of our family unit.

How often have you asked yourself, “If only I knew then what I know now…” Well, you are surrounded by people who know things you probably hadn’t considered. Just ask them. Talk to your grandparents before they are gone. Listen to those old stories and remember them, so that you may pass them along to your own children. It can only strengthen your family and enhance the joy you find in one another, and give you insight into the past, valuable insight you can apply to the present.

If you are newly married, consider your spouse’s family carefully, and treat them with the same love and respect you treat your own family. This will enable your marriage to grow in strength and unity. It will add richness to your life and your partner will appreciate you all the more for it. Yes, it is also nice to live in a bubble of love made of just the two of you, but it’s not nearly enough to sustain a marriage over the long haul. It takes a whole family to make a marriage truly blessed! Grandma Pat’s tears of happiness as she receives her corsage, as well as many hugs and kisses from her newly expanded family attests to that fact. Just remember, there is NO LIMIT to what love can do!

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