Neglected Dog Dies From Flea Infestation


Watch how this dog ended up dying from being neglected. There is no reason for leaving poor “Golden” the dog outside and not caring for his flea problem. The woman Josefina Solis from Prince George County, Virginia ended up in jail for a whole year for animal neglect.

See how this poor animal was just left to die when somebody heard him crying and came to his rescue. This woman was found guilty of animal cruelty and really got off easy compared to her dog Golden. Golden never had a chance because of the poor neglect by Solis.

Because of the neglect the dog developed severe anemia from having so many fleas. The dog was found a little bit too late and actually died on his way to the hospital. The next door neighbors heard poor Golden crying and called the animal rescue team and when they arrived found him under his doghouse. He was barely breathing and needed critical care as they rushed him to the local vet but it was a little too late.

See this story about a dog who was neglected by his owners and was left for dead as he was infested with fleas. This woman only received a year in jail and deserved to be kept there a lot longer. Josefina Solis could have got some help from the vet but she chose to do nothing and let the fleas pick the poor dog to death.

Your heart really aches when you see a story like this as dogs really are our best friend. Check out this story and it will make you aware of the evil people who totally neglect their pets. See how this story goes from bad to worse and Golden just never stands a chance even with finally getting rescued from this evil woman.

See these scary pictures of Golden as he is left for dead by this evil woman. Dogs are our best friends but Golden just never stood a chance because he was neglected. Neglect is a serious problem and these people who act in this way need to be held accountable for their actions and Solis was. This story could have been reversed if people around Golden would have taken quicker action and just got him to the vet.


People need to see this story and act to help other animals in situations like this. See this story and pass it on to help prevent this from happening.

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