Monster Teenagers Who Beheaded Three Stray Puppies Have Been Arrested


This is one of the most sickening stories that it has ever been our displeasure to report, but awareness about animal cruelty needs to be raised, especially if we are living in a world where children see no qualms with hurting perfectly innocent animals.

Two Alabama teenagers recently did the unthinkable and what’s worse, they had the sheer gall and audacity to record themselves committing the crime. We’re not sure when it became a smart idea to record yourself breaking the law, but thanks to the foolishness of these kids, finding evidence of their crime was not all that challenging for law enforcement.
Police officers everywhere love this sort of stupidity, because it makes their jobs all the more simple. The two kids decided that it would be a smart idea to record themselves throwing puppies and even beheading them. What kind of monster could bring themselves to cut the head off of a little puppy? And where are their parents when this kind of horrific activity is taking place?

The police were alerted to these atrocious behaviors by the popular phone app Snapchat. While Snapchat deletes all posts within a predetermined time period, these teens did not bank on the police having access to their footage. From there, it was an extremely open and shut case.

Even though the initial message ended up being deleted, the police were able to find a link to a Facebook page that depicted the teens in the midst of their terrible crime. The puppies were being thrown into the air and beheaded with a machete. What a shame, these poor pups were literally cut down before they had even had a chance to live.

One of the teen’s name is Ashley Johnson and he expressed remorse for his actions, admitting that he and his friend had committed the crime. They are now facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges if we had it our way, they would be forced to face these charges in an adult court. However, the police are chalking this up to kids being foolish.

Just take a look at this video and these photos.

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It does not matter how young these kids are, these actions go beyond stupid. They are reprehensible and they deserve a much harsher punishment than the one they will receive. If you think that this was more than a mere act of childish stupidity, be sure to share this post.

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