Monster Shot This Dog And Left Him To Die, But Hours Later…


Mountain hiking can be very fun and invigorating and you never know what you will run across, maybe a wild animal or two. When Andi David was hiking on a Phoenix Mountain Reserve trail he never expected to find a domesticated animal like the beautiful brown pit bull that he found. The dog was laying on the ground and in great pain and trying to stand up.


The fifty pound dog couldn’t get up and Andi suspected that he had broken his legs. Andi had to react fast to save this black pit bull and rescued him quickly to save his life. You won’t believe what some crazy nut did. See how this story turns out as this great dog makes a comeback and finds a new home with Andi and his family.

All that Andi could think of is how do I get this fifty-pound dog down the mountain. Lucky for this pit bull that his rescuer Andi was a big guy to pull this off. The dog was already in great pain so he had to call his wife and daughter to help get him to the vet. Without Andi’s help this dog would have died in the Arizona mountains.


The pit bull was rushed to the vet with the help of his wife and daughter and x-rays were taken. The story takes a turn at the vet’s office. You won’t believe how this story turns out and it wasn’t because of the dog’s broken legs that he couldn’t move. It was a miracle that Andi found him in time because the desert can be a scary place at night.

What actually happened to this pit bull who they named Elijah? It turns out that Elijah was actually shot in the neck by some maniac and just left to die. The David family actually ends up taking in the pit bull. But whoever shot him be warned because karma will come back to haunt you.


This handsome pit bull is brought back to life by this loving family. In this video the little girl explains how gentle pit bulls really are and that people are the ones that ruin their lives. Thanks to the David family, Elijah is a happy and healthy dog and bringing great joy to them. The pit bull is a very loving dog and people need to be aware of this. Pass this video on to friends and family to enjoy.

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