Monster Left This Dog To Die On The Road, But THIS Happened Instead


Dogs are often left by the side of the road, due to the carelessness of unruly motorists. When these animals are abandoned, they rarely have the chance to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and have an ordinary existence. They are either left behind because their families no longer love them or they are discarded out of pure boredom.

This behavior is incredibly despicable, especially in a country where there are numerous shelters waiting for these dogs to arrive. There is simply no excuse for leaving an animal to die on the side of the road, yet people do it on a constant basis.

Leaving a defenseless, innocent animal outside to fend for themselves should never, ever be the answer. Unfortunately, this poor dog who was found on the side of a Georgia road had previous owners who would not or could not heed this very simple piece of advice.

Meet “Jimmy!” Jimmy was found yesterday in a ditch off the side of the road in Lilburn, Ga. Jimmy was hit by a car and…

Posted by Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue on Thursday, August 27, 2015

The dog’s name is Jimmy and Jimmy was struck by an automobile. Did the driver think to stop and provide any sort of assistance to the injured creature? No, they decided to carry on their merry way, leaving Jimmy to suffer.

When Jimmy was finally found, he was laying in the grass, in a tremendous amount of pain. He was located by a woman who just so happened to run a rescue foundation for pitbulls just like him. What a lucky stroke of fortune!

Dr. Alan Cross and Jimmy

Posted by Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The woman’s name was Colleen and she could tell that the dog was unable to walk on his own and that he had sustained several wounds on his head.

Colleen made a few calls and was able to get Jimmy the emergency medical attention that he so desperately needed. While he did have a few minor scrapes, it was also found that his back was broken and that he had contracted heartworm.


Jimmy had maintained some sensation in his hind legs and thanks to several generous donations, his spine was repaired with plates and screws. With the benefit of practice and time, Jimmy would one day stand on his own. And he has his guardian angel, Colleen, to thank for it.

Follow up X-Ray 10/13/15

Posted by Diva's Pit Bull Rescue on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jimmy is getting stronger everyday and enjoys the company of his foster friends! He will soon be available for adoption….

Posted by Diva's Pit Bull Rescue on Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jimmy!! We Believe in You!! <3

Posted by Diva's Pit Bull Rescue on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The sky is the limit for the remainder of Jimmy’s recovery. We definitely wish him all of the best and hope that his recovery continues to go smoothly. This incredible story needs to be shared, so feel free to pass it along to all of your closest friends and relatives.

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