Mom Tries Teaching Her Pup To Go Down The Steps, But Watch The Cat. LOL!


While dogs and cats can often become friends, they tend to handle situations in much different ways. By taking a look at this amazing clip, you can catch a glimpse on these differences for yourself. The mother dog and the mother cat in this video are both trying to impart an important lesson to their young and they take divergent approaches in doing so.

Animals who have recently been adopted are not always adept at getting around the house. Any pet owner who has watched and tried to stifle a chuckle as their dog or cat struggles to make their way up or down the stairs knows all about this experience on a firsthand level.
These owners will certainly relate to this video, which opens with a mother dog and her child trying to head down a flight of stairs. Mama is a seasoned veteran, but her little one seems to be a lot more reticent. Fortunately, that’s what moms are there for, right? To teach their children the ways of the world and impart the wisdom that they have obtained.

The puppy seems to be struggling with this seemingly simple concept and mother dog is starting to lose patience. As the puppy starts to become more and more overwhelmed by this task, the mother finally throws caution to the wind and runs down the stairs as fast as possible, hoping that her swift and decisive action spurs the pup into moving.

Our poor little friend struggles at first, before slowly traversing the same stairs that mother was able to clear within a couple of bounds. Mother may have seemed standoffish at first, but watching her wait at the bottom of the stairs for her child is just too cute for words.

While we do not wish to ruin the surprise, let’s just say that the mother cat’s chosen method for helping her baby learn how to climb down the stairs is just a little bit different. The mother chat is nowhere near as nurturing as her doggy counterpart and you just might be tempted to refer to her teaching style as a mild form of child abuse.
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