Mom Finds The Dog On The Unmade Bed. When She Says THIS? LOL


We are not sure what it is about the bed of a human being that dogs love so much. You can provide them with a great, comfortable place to sleep that is all their own, and they will still plop down in the bed that they are not supposed to be in when it is time to take a rest.

Some parents are more adamant about enforcing the rules than others, though. While some fur baby parents have no qualms about physically removing the animal from their bedroom and tend to rule by fear, the mother in this clip has taken a completely different approach. Be sure to stay tuned in until the very end, so that you can properly appreciate her technique.
As it turns out, this dog has a magic word and it is unlike any other magic word that you have ever heard before. But mother does not start there. She tries to take the super sweet, super nice approach that most of us can remember from our own childhoods.

She is very kind to the slumbering pup and even offers him a treat in exchange for vacating the premises. A lot of parents would just shoo the animal away without a second thought. This mother has entered into a negotiation with her own pet.

Would you believe that this dog will not even accept a delicious treat as compensation for getting out of a bed that is not even his? What a spoiled brat. Judging from his mother’s sweet natured tone, he probably gets away with quite a bit. Maybe this pup needs some discipline in his life.

This mother is not about to let herself get outsmarted by a dog, though. She’s got this animal’s number and after about a minute of gentle cajoling, she decides to unleash her secret weapon: a magic word that will send the dog running off into the distance. Spoiler alert: it is not “treat” and it is most definitely not “please”.

If you’d like to know what this mother said to remove the dog from her bed, then be sure to watch this clip in its full entirety. Puppy parents out there who struggle to remove their animals from their beds will relate to this video and shake their heads as they relate to this common struggle. Show this clip to your unruly fur baby the next time that they decide not to move!

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