Mishka The Talking Husky Sings With Her Owner


You can’t believe your eyes as this adorable husky starts singing. The dog is prompted and then starts singing along with her owner. At first it seems as if she is just howling like huskies do. Watch this short video and you will see this blue-eyed husky really singing along. This smart looking black and white husky answers to her owner as he instructs her what to sing. You might even want to start singing along to the song; “If you’re happy and you know it.”
The husky is prompted to sing “Arroo” after the chorus. The usual words after the chorus are usually something like; “clap your hands.” Watch as the owner gets the dog to say “araroo” instead. The husky is singing right along during this song. The owner tells him what to say at the end of the chorus and the dog follows right along and lets out a loud “araroo”! The husky breed is known to howl like a wolf but not in this video. She sings right along with her master as the two sing in harmony. They both seem to be enjoying this traditional sing-along song.

Mishka will charm you. Watch this brief fifty-five second video and check out the singing Husky. You will be laughing and clapping to this traditional song. Enjoy the beautiful harmony between them. Watch the owner laugh as the dog belts out “araroo”, over and over again singing in perfect harmony. The dog is singing her own version of the song. You can’t believe your eyes. The blue-eyed husky is a real charmer. She is a very beautiful husky and seems to be just as smart in this video. Mishka can talk but watching her sing is quite entertaining.

The owner has trained Mishka very good. He actually replaces the word “happy” with the dog’s name. Watch as Mishka sings right on cue, you will be lol! The husky breed must be a smart dog because she repeats exactly what the owner wants. This adorable video will have you laughing right along as they merrily sing this traditional hymn together.

Watch this adorable short video and you will see the cutest singing you have ever seen. The beautiful black and white husky has bright blue eyes. She is such a charmer in this fifty-five second video. Mishka the singing dog is a site to see. The clever looking husky is very charming. You won’t believe it when you watch this. Mishka doesn’t miss her cue. She is always right on like a true professional.

Have fun watching Mishka sing. Watching this video gives you a break from your busy day. If you need a smile or good laugh this has to be the video to watch. Watch this and pass it on you will be humming this song all day!

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