Meet Freddy, Britain’s Largest Dog… and His Sister, Too!


What makes Freddy unique is size. He is a relatively big dog. His sister, Flear is also a big dog but she is not as big as Freddy. Freddy is just about 19 months old and he is already 7 feet and 4 inches in height if he stands upright. Isn’t his size impressive?


If he is this large and tall in 19 months, how big will he be in a few years? He could be the biggest dog in the world in a few years from now.

Of course, coping with such a massive dog will come with some challenges. Like most dogs, Freddy and his sister are very restless and energetic. They don’t only scatter the couch by jumping on it, they scatter the bedroom and every part of the house on a daily basis.

However, their owner does not have problems with their attitudes. In fact, she derives fun in rearranging the house on a daily basis. She treats both dogs like her kids. She believes that being active is a sign that her dogs are healthy and she is happy about it.

By virtue of his size, Freddy can drink from the kitchen tap. He will definitely leave the tap to continue running when his through. He only has a business with the tap when he is thirsty or when he wants to drink water for fun. But what happens to the tap thereafter is absolutely none of his business.

Another striking quality of Freddy is his large appetite. His appetite is as big as himself. He eats really big. This is why his owner spends a fortune to feed both dogs. For instance, she buys 12 pounds of minced chicken, 4 roast chicken and several other stuffs on a weekly basis. She is happy about it as they both give her unlimited joy. She virtually dotes on them.

She spends her money and time on them and they give her happiness as they are her companions. Coping with Freddy at home is difficult while taking him for a stroll is even more difficult. He can be stubborn at times.

Freddy prefers to do things on his own terms. Bathing him and his sister is another difficult task. However, their owner sees everything as fun and that is the way it should be. The owner of these dogs should be emulated. This is how to treat your pets.

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