A Marine Was Raking Leaves When He Found A Baby Bunny. What Happened Next Is So Heartwarming!


Marines are not usually trained for animal rescue that is why this rescue is a rare and astonishing story. United States marines are among some of the toughest defense personnel on the earth. They are, in many ways, the personification of what true heroes should be. When you hear about the stories of marines carrying out a bold rescue, saving a frail animal is far from being the first thought that comes to your mind. This story will change your perspective of U. S marines.


This incident occurred when a U. S marine made a surprising discovery when he was stationed at the military camp in Pendleton, California. The event that followed this discovery is so touching and heartwarming. The U S marine named Joshua Bisnar while stationed at Pendleton, California, made a very shocking discovery. Despite how shocking what he discovered was, it was what he (Joshua) did next that proves what a true hero he is. The kind officer found a dead rabbit while he was stationed at the military camp at Pendleton California. Shortly after discovering the dead rabbit, he spotted four adorable baby rabbits (bunnies) who were in need of rescue.


Joshua decided to act quickly. He made a temporary home for the bunnies and began working on research on how to care for these little guys. He started caring for these helpless bunnies by bottle feeding them and it did not take long for him to become a great surrogate parent as he cared deeply for these little guys and even gave each of them names: Steven, Vaughn, Raymond and James.


As time passed Josh continued to care for the bunnies and within the next few months he was able to nurse them back to health. When they grew too big and began jumping out of their nest, Josh had to give his bunnies to an animal rescue organization. Even though Josh misses his little and adorable rabbit friends, he is glad that they are finally where they belong. The bunnies named, Steven, Vaughn, Raymond and James, certainly would not have made it this far if Josh did not step in and help them. What a touching and amazing story.
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