Man Saves Blind Kitten, But Was Never Prepared For This Transformation!


Unfortunately, stray animals with disabilities are born into the world each day and are given very little chance of living a happy and healthy life. These animals are typically discarded and forced to live on the streets and in shelters. And when they are left in these predicaments, their natural instincts to hunt are damaged, which leaves them unable to fend for themselves.


In cases like these, human intervention makes a world of difference. These animals deserve a second chance at life, just like the rest of us do. During a trip to the south of Italy, Mantees was startled to hear the tiny cries of a kitten.


While he initially thought nothing of it, something told him to investigate further. When he did, he found that the kitten’s eyes were completely shut. On top of its blindness, the kitten was also struggling to walk properly.


Mantees decided to give this kitten the help it so desperately needed. During his family’s holiday, he vowed to provide the kitten with all the assistance it required. The kitten’s had a myriad of issues, as it was also unable to close its mouth properly. Feeding was a tremendously difficult task and most medical observers had declared that the kitten would be lucky to survive.


This family would not give up so easily, though. Mantees and his brood continued to help the kitten and provide tender, loving care throughout their vacation. They gave the kitten the treatment it needed for a variety of infections that it had incurred and also created a makeshift bed so that the animal could stay warm.


They also learned that she was a female, but the end of their vacation was drawing near and they did not know what to do with their new little lady. Mantees took the selfless step of altering the family’s travel plans, so that a pet could be included.


From there, the disabled kitten was able to head back with them. She is now living with her new adopted family and has never been happier. The kitten would soon grow into a big and strong cat and she is now known as Skunky.


She’s a resourceful cat and she has learned how to make her way around the family home by hearing the family’s claps and footsteps. Thanks to her acute listening skills, she has made herself right at home and this adorable story needs to be shared with your friends and family as soon as possible.


She’s learned to maneuver her new home by listening to the footsteps and claps of her family, making it easier for her to get around and enjoy the sprawl of her new home.

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