A Man Rescues A Drowning Dog, But It’s What The Dog Does Next That Is Melting Hearts!


This video only last a minute or two, and is well worth it to see just how bad things were before the men came along, and how the dog issues a thank you to the men.

Neither of the men make it seem like it’s a big deal. However, it was a huge deal to the dog because there was no way that he is weak on would be able to pull him up along the concrete that was safeguarding the waters. Luckily, the man got to the dog when they did so that he could be rescued. He bounced and danced around, and seemed to be waiting for the men as if to follow them home.
There is no way to know how the dog ended up in the water to begin with. We also hope that the men went home with a new pet because the dog certainly seemed very appreciative for being rescued.

It is refreshing to see sheer joy in today’s day and age. This dog is so appreciative, and the men are more than happy to do their good deed. The one man who do the rescuing place with the dog afterwards, and you can see that the two of them are already forming a bond.

Would you wade out into the Romanian River in order to save the dog?
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=NVgCs0cA8Lk”]
You are going to love this video, and may want to watch it again and again just to see the rescue dance of this cute puppy.

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