Man Refuses To Abandon Chimp, Even Though Everyone Else Has


While we may feel as if we cannot make a difference in the life of an animal, fortunately for the chimpanzee in this video, his new friend did not share that same outlook. Even if everyone else has given up someone, all it takes is one person who truly cares to provide them with the assistance that they need.


Every animal deserves to find a home of their own, with someone who truly cares about them, even those who have been abandoned. One person’s trash is another’s hidden gem. The chimp that you are about to meet had a rough go of things during his early life. He had given up all hope, until one special man arrived who changed his feelings completely and turned his life around.


This chimp’s name is Ponso and Ponso had lived for over thirty years on an Ivory Coast island. Observers were stunned to find out that Ponso had managed to live as long as he had, especially considering the fact that there were no known supplies of food or water nearby. Ponso had also been living completely alone, since every family member that he had passed away a long time ago.


Finally, a kind villager named Germain decided to take Ponso under his wing. He could not bear to see this adorable chimp continue to suffer and began to provide him with much needed sustenance. While some skeptics might say that a chimp needs far more than some bananas and bread to live a healthy existence, it is clear to see that the animal was receiving less than that on a daily basis, before Germain stepped in.


Before he met Germain, Ponso had been forced to participate in hepatitis research trials. The New York Blood Center used the animal for its trials, then unceremoniously dumped Ponso without so much as a second thought. He was stranded on an island without food and most of his brethren died off. For their part, the NYBC claims that they have no obligation to these animals when the trials conclude.


Luckily for Ponso, his case has received additional media attention and the SOS Ponso group was formed, with the objective of providing shipments of food to these desolate areas. Thanks to the help of these good people and his good buddy Germain, Ponso will never have to go hungry again. Please share this story, so that awareness about the plight of these animals can be spread.

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