A Loyal Dog Waited Months For His Owner To Return After He Was Dumped. Then THIS Happened…


Dogs are well known as loyal pets in the Animal Kingdom. We have heard many stories about the lengths a dog will go to just to protect and be with their loving owners. Well, this story is a heartbreaking and inspiring tale of one dog in Thailand. He was seen standing by the roadside as if waiting for someone probably his owners to come and get him. But they never arrived.


The loyal dog waited for months, day in and day out he patiently waited for its owner to return. Passerby saw him, and some even tried to approach him, but he angrily refused. So they began leaving food for him, and they set up umbrellas as a shelter for him. This move was the best thing to do because he never left that spot. As time passed people began to show concern for this defenseless dog who appeared to be wasting away on the roadside, so someone called the local animal shelter.

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When the Soi Dog Foundation heard of this case, they quickly rushed out to rescue this dog from the road side. They managed to put him in their car and take him to their shelter. After this had occurred, he seemed relieved after realizing that he no longer had to stand and wait, every day for his owners to come and get him. It didn’t take long for this lovely dog to be adopted.

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Soi dog foundation is a nonprofit, legally registered charitable organization with branches in Thailand, Australia, the UK, Holland, France and the United States. This organization helps neglected, homeless and abused cats and dogs of Thailand. The aim of this group is to cut down the number of unwanted cats and dogs through spaying and neutering, in the Asian region. And also to improve the lives of feral cats and stray dogs of Asia.

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Soi dog has sterilized over 39,000 dogs and cats. And 39,050 cats and dogs as at June 2012. This charitable organization is made up of ordinary people like yourself, whether they are financial supporters, shelter or field volunteers, or fundraisers, etc. They came together with a common goal of helping these neglected and abused dogs and cats. We say thank you to all supporters who sent us news of this dog, that was abandoned at the roadside in Phuket, Thailand.


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