Little Girl Runs To Get Help After Finding Dog In A Concrete Grave


A little girl was playing outside her home and was drawn to some shrieking sounds she heard from below the ground. What she uncovered shocked her to her core. She saw a miniature grave which was made with concrete and covered with long wooden planks. Inside was a dog which was crying out for help. The girl knew she couldn’t help the dog all by herself, so she ran home and called on her father to help out. Her father rushed out of their home to the dog’s rescue and was able to free the dog from the open concrete grave by removing the planks and slabs and pulling her out of the ground.


The girl and her father couldn’t report the incident as it was late, so they kept the dog in their house overnight. In the morning, they took the dog to an animal rescue organization called the Rainbow Rehoming Center. The organization stated that they received a call from a concerned citizen about a pet left out in an open concrete grave.


The sight of the act was horrifying, to say the least. It was very clear from the arrangement of the grave that the dog was placed intentionally since the hole was made with concrete to seal whatever was inside. Also, the top of the small grave was covered with wooden planks, and those planks were fortified with heavy rocks and slabs to make sure the pet doesn’t ever escape.

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The poor creature was horrified as can be seen in the photos. She also looked terribly malnourished. She was examined by vets, and they discovered that the dog, named Bella was blind. She also suffered from starvation and had to be treated for an infection which affected her uterus. The infection must have been caused by overbreeding.

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The dog was showered with love and care, and she got better in a very short space of time. Soon, she was healthy enough to join a new family. She eventually got adopted by an adorable family who took her home to live out the rest of her days and put the past behind her. Her demeanor was a lot better than when she was first rescued as she can be seen greeting her new family. She is now a happy, comfortable mutt.


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