A Little Girl Looks Into A Dying Dog’s Eyes. What Happened Next Is a MIRACLE.


Rescue From The Hart received a call about a neglected and abused dog. The dog had been starved and she was dying. Her organs had already begun shutting down. She could not even stand. Though most people would have simply helped the poor animal to die painlessly; but this group could not let her go!

When they looked into her beautiful eyes they saw sadness that was beyond the pain she felt. Her very spirit seemed to be crying. They named her Angel. It would take a miracle to save her and they were going to do all they could to be that miracle. They had to feed her tiny bits of food by hand. They even had to be careful not to feed her too much as even that act of love could kill her. They helped her stand and they made sure she had water and medical care. But she was so weak, it did not look good for her.
People from the town began to rally for Angel. They would visit her and pet her. Children would look into her eyes and it gave her hope. They pushed on. They encouraged her.

Little by little angel began to respond. Soon she could eat a morsel of food alone and she would manage to stand for a second or two. This fueled the determination of the caregivers.

Even the other dogs at the rescue seemed to be working for Angel. She made lots of dog and human friends along her journey. She leaned on their strength. She seemed to know that everyone was for her for the first time in her life.

Slowly Angel healed. Her spirit returned and the life sparked back in her eyes. She was finally able to thrive. She gained weight, learned to walk and run. She returned all the love shown to her many times over.
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It takes a cruel and ugly person to leave an animal to starve to death. It is a painful and slow death. Thank goodness there are more people who love animals and who are willing to fight for them. Thank goodness Angel was found and nursed back to health. This is one time we can say, a human stepped in and saved an angel.

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