The Little Boy Tries Climbing Into The Dog Bed. What The Dog Does Is TOO Precious!


This funny video shows a little baby trying to climb into a dog bed, and housedog helps it too! In this video, the Rhodesian ridgeback helps the little baby Alfred climb into the dog bed after it sees just how hard the baby is trying to achieve the task.

Baby Alfred clearly wants to get into the dog bed. We can all see the look of determination on his face. Perseverance may help him if he tries harder. Oops, perhaps one more time…and he stumbles yet again. The Rhodesian ridgeback named Lea is the family pet and she watches just how hard Alfred is trying to get in.
As if to playfully taunt him, lying down beside him, watching him try and try again as his dreams fail to bear fruit. The look on her face suggest that we would probably hear her chuckle if she could. Baby Alfred climbs on all fours, as if emulating the dog, and attempts to climb into the dog bed. Perhaps if he tries it the way dogs do, then he would be able to get into the bed. He stumbles around and Lea has had just enough of that. She gets up on all fours and gives Alfred the littlest and most playful of nudge. Then, she goes ahead to drag out the blanket inside the dog bed. Doing this as if to say, okay, you can have the dog bed.

The calm dog spreads the blanket on the floor to lie down and watches the baby try and get in the dog bed. This funny and loving video captures one of those moments that would possibly happen only once in a lifetime. The video shows an unusual love and bond between man and his best friend. There are some things that are not easily explainable, and this could possibly be one of them. How exactly does the dog know that the baby is trying to climb into the bed? How does she know that it is also finding it difficult to get in? It shows that dogs have a greater capacity for perception. There are sometimes we would find ourselves looking for a sock or ball around the house and the dog brings it to you. They really do possess some level of perception that we do not comprehend.

This video is incredibly funny and cute, showing that dogs have just as much compassion and understanding as humans. First playfully taunting the little baby and eventually carrying out the blanket to assist the baby in getting into the bed. The video barely lasts for up to a minute, but within such a short time frame, teaches a new lesson on love. Cute and funny, watch little baby Alfred make you laugh in the most adorable way.

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