Little Bird Gets Tiny ‘Snowshoes’ To Fix Her Problem Feet


Seeing an impaired bird is heartbreaking, especially when they are ground bound as a result of the ailment that they are experiencing. Those who are willing to intervene and help animals that are in need are true heroes and the bird that you are about to meet was fortunate to receive assistance from a group of concerned citizens.


The California Wildlife Center is full of great people who are ready and willing to assist animals. When this mockingbird came across their path, they immediately sprang into action. The bird had suffered an injury that left her in a knuckled position, a condition that is all too common in younger birds.

As a result of the condition, the mockingbird was unable to walk around, grasp objects or even perch. Luckily for this little lady, the problem had a fix that is as simple as it is adorable. The mockingbird’s rescuers devised a pair of “snowshoes” for the injured feet, so that the animal’s feet could eventually be trained and revert back to where they needed to be.

Duane Tom, a veterinarian who works with the California Wildlife Center, spoke out about the process. He stated that they used small pieces of cardboard to tape the mockingbird’s toes into the proper position and that the main objective was to give the feet a couple of weeks in the makeshift snowshoes, so that they can successfully return to normal.


Stories like these remind us of the importance of selfless people who are willing to go above and beyond to help animals who require assistance. While most of us would simply leave this poor little mockingbird to suffer, the rescuers at California Wildlife Center made it their mission to help and we find ourselves wondering what would have become of this little bird without help.

However, we do not have to consider this sort of alternative, since the snowshoes were a smashing success. We are proud to report that this clever bit of medical assistance reversed the mockingbird’s condition and that her feet are now totally back to normal. As Duane was quick to note, the majority of the birds who arrive at the California Wildlife Center in such a condition are able to fly back to their natural habitat once the condition has been treated.

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