Lion Cub Rests In The Arms Of His Friend, But Watch His Paws When The Man Turns His Heads…


This lion cub may not qualify as a wild animal, but how many of us would be able to approach this cub to pet it? There is pure innocence in the eyes of this lion cub as the two friends frolic together. There are some differences between the large cats and nature’s small cats, but they are quite technical and not obvious at all.

If you pay attention it is possible to see the difference between the lion cub in this video and a house kitten. The lion cub understands gestures and returns communication from his friend, the man, on a much more advanced level than a typical house cat. And have you ever seen a house cat with so much affection to give?
It is interesting to note how gentle and at the same time how intelligent this cat is. Innocence and trust may not be the first words that comes to mind when thinking of a lion, but this video makes kind of a liar out of all preconceived notions of lions!

Even my house cat forgets and at times I can get a scratch with his razor sharp claws (maybe he does it on purpose)! But this loving cub is careful not to injure his friend in the slightest with his huge paws where there must be claws hidden underneath.

The responsiveness of this beautiful lion cub is supreme, and reminds you of man’s best friend, the dog. But maybe that’s just a habit men have acquired because lion cubs are a bit harder to come by. I don’t know anyone who goes to the jungle to find a pet, do you?

There seems to be nothing that this little cub would rather do than to frolic with his best friend. You can notice that there is a kind of equality of feeling and exchange between these two that is utterly fascinating. The lion, man’s new best friend, how does that sound?

For sure you may feel protected walking down the street with a lion on your leash!

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