Letters, Sponges and Onions in the Microwave? Watch what happens next!


Microwaves can do many useful things around the house apart from the regular heating and baking, i.e., if you are ready to be a little innovative. Once you learn the tricks which are easy to follow as drinking water if you watch this video of this guy closely, your life around the kitchen will turn out be a lot easier than before.Who doesn’t want more help around the kitchen anyway? For many years I was myself limited to using microwave as a means of baking cakes and heating leftovers until I stumbled upon this amazing video one day which was shared in a social network site by a friend. I am glad I watched it and today I want to share it with you too.

People often fail to experiment new things and thus miss out on a lot of fun and stops being productive. Many products lying at your homes can be of multipurpose use if you use them creatively like the microwave used by this guy in the video.

This short video here shows how to use microwaves in 10 brilliant ways in your homes, apart from the usual service it provides. I was amazed when I watched this video as this guy puts oddest things into the microwave; some which I never imagined would work out but strangely did.

Seriously sponges, letters, and onions in a microwave? Watch what the guy does with them with the help of the heating product. I was bowled over by the end of it. You can even learn some simple and fast tricks to heat up stale food that becomes edible which otherwise would have gone to waste, including some other tips which will come handy while preparing food for you and others.

This instructional video makes you discover things which you normally wouldn’t have thought of. Who knows you might even get motivated enough to want to throw newer things into your microwave next time?

This guy has succeeded in turning a simple product in his kitchen into an awesome machine and he is kind enough to share his awesome ideas to the world. I am always on a look out for such kind of life hacks as they are so intriguing and fun to watch and learn and to top it all, they make life easier. So, all is good and there is nothing to lose.

Watch and learn ten brilliant uses of microwave and share it with others. You should watch this brilliant video too and learn some tips from this guy of how to make life simpler in the kitchen. It will sure make a huge difference. Don’t forget to share it once you have watched it as there will be many like you and me who will be benefited from this video.

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