Let These 7 Black Dogs Convince You That Adopting A Black Dog Is Awesome


Statistically, despite the increasing adoption figures, black dogs remain the least adopted color of canines every year. Their lighter skinned brethren are always preferred by intending by prospective adopters for many reasons – most of them hoaxes – but still reasons that lead to stigmatization of dogs.

The reasons why many like to steer clear of black dogs include the belief that the color black represents darkness, bad luck and evil plus other negative associations to black. It is also caused by the feeling that they are not as photogenic as their more colorful friends – seeing as social media is the judge of everything acceptable today, the odds are stacked up really high against our black friends.

National Black Dog Day is celebrated on October 1st. The event aims to draw attention to and hopefully put a stop to the stigma on black dogs. Many adoption outlets are offering discounts on black dogs on the day of the holiday in order to bump up the rate of their adoption.

Here are 7 reasons why we think a black dog should be your pick of you ever want to adopt a canine.

They make wonderful surprises. In fact, if you would like to take your surprise game higher, black dogs can stay well hidden indoors to achieve the whole complete surprise effect.

Babysitters per excellence. Hilarious is the word, and that is what babies love, get yourself one of them black dogs for the sake of your baby at least.

They are smarter than your average dog. A black dog won’t solve your calculus problems for you or give you life advice. But you can at least watch it do smart stuff and take your mind off the problems. Smart animals, black dogs.

They respect bath time. They take it like some sort of ritual and unlike every other dog, black dogs won’t make you sweat it – right? Get one and find out.

They are like the sportsmen of dogs, agile and dexterous, if sportsmen and women ever moved and competed on all fours, they’d be black dogs. Go get yourself a champion.

They’re always willing to help with stuff around the house, even if you don’t want the help black dogs are natural helpers – or so they like to think.

Black dogs are perfect scapegoats. They are black dogs and by virtue of their colour coded name, they alongside their sheep brethren are expected to misbehave and are naturally guilty. But in truth they usually aren’t, but who cares, blame them anyway, they won’t hate you.

P.S be nice to your dog.

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