Koala Returns Home To Find Her Forest Has Been Cut Down


While human development can be great for the people who live in certain regions, watching an once bustling ecosystem get reduced to rubble is heartbreaking for the animals whose habitats are destroyed. When these creatures are forced to cope with the sudden loss of everything that they held dear, the results can be devastating.

In Australia, a large swath of land was cleared out to make room for a Queensland housing development. Unfortunately, a large population of animals was displaced in the process. After the demolition took place, a local volunteer from Wildcare Australia Inc. came across a confused koala who did not know what to make of the current living situation.

Her name was Ash and the area that was used to create the housing development is where she would have lived once she became independent from her mother. She is now left with the sad realization that there is nothing left for her to return to.


These land clearing practices are fully legal, but this fact doesn’t do much to take the sting out of the fact that Ash and other animals like her are now left homeless. Within the past year, nearly 700,000 acres of Queensland territory was cleared and the resulting damages were recently cited as a main cause for the loss of biodiversity.

For their part, Wild care Australia Inc. has expressed their stern disapproval of these practices. In addition to koalas like Ash, numerous reptiles, wallabies, birds, echidnas and bats were also displaced from their homes.


There is very little doubt that a large number of these animals passed away as a result of the clearing exercises. Ash is one of the lucky ones, in the sense that she managed to successfully escape the area with her life and her health intact.

Ash’s rescuers have taken the time to ensure that she will receive the proper care. As soon as she is ready, she is going to be taken to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for further evaluation. In the meantime, she is being given a steady supply of fresh eucalyptus leaves to chow down on.


To learn how you can Ash and other animals left homeless due to development projects like this one, visit Wildcare Australia Inc.’s website here.

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