Kittens Rescued Covered In Ink Are Happy To Be Clean


Two very young kittens have recently been rescued in England after being discovered colored or painted in what looks like permanent marker.

The reason why any individual would treat an animal in such a manner is unimaginable, but we are glad that these two kittens were rescued before their situation got worse.


Police took both kittens to the BCWR (Bradford Cat Watch Rescue), where they were found to be only 4 or 5 weeks of age.

Katie Jane, who works as a rescuer with the BCWR group, took to Facebook:

“Here at the Bradford Cat Watch and Rescue, we often consider ourselves as being unshaven. We have handle most situations that have come our way but this one is a first.”


The two young kittens were stained all over (with two different colors) their body with the marker. The cute little animals were named Smurf and Shrek. They were immediately given a bath so as to remove the paint from their fur.


Even after all they have gone through, the young kittens seem to have no problem with being bathed. They were simply glad to be finally safe.


The rescuers who bathed the kittens were careful as the paint smelt like a kind of permanent marker, and because they did not want the ink to get into the eyes and/or mouths of the kittens.

Shrek and Smurf will most likely need more baths to properly remove the ink after being bathed twice following their rescue.


No one is really sure about the real motive for coloring these little creatures with marker was, but one rescue worker believes that the two kittens that were discovered covered in green and blue ink may have painted as part of a bloody sport involving the use of dogs to attack smaller animals for the purpose of betting.


The kittens Shrek and Smurf, believed to be between the ages of four and five weeks respectively, were discovered by law enforcement officers in West Yorkshire, UK, as reported by the South West News Service.The police officers were out investigating an animal welfare issue that involved a dog along with drug-related offenses when the colored young kittens were discovered.


The kittens seem happy to have been rescued. At least no one will be able to cause them harm again.

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